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  • With the close of one 365 project, and an extended hiatus that saw a creative slump, I decided to begin another project to document a year of my life in photographs. I’ve found my best days are when I have a camera in my hand. And my journey over the next 12 months will inevitably see huge changes. I’m so excited to see where this leg of the 365 project takes me. The first photo of the project is the result of a class assignment designed around a single concept: Paper. Concept photographs are an entirely new outlet to me, but brainstorming photo ideas and sketching them out has done wonders for my creativity. It’s even inspired me to follow in the footsteps of photographer Rick Nunn and begin a 52 weeks project. Each week, I will plan and execute a concept photograph. With that, I give you my first concept photo, number one in this year’s 365 project and my interpretation of paper.

  • 365 project, paper planes, self portrait
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